Frequently Asked Questions

Here are collected most of the questions that our users often have.


1. What should I do if Steam tasks are not working for me?

Most often, an error in these tasks happens due to the fact that your profile is hidden in the privacy settings. Just open it and there will be no problem. But do not forget that in addition to an open profile, access to game information should also be open.

2. I'm not logged into a certain social network?

Wait a while and try again. Don't forget to enter the site in a new tab. Perhaps at the moment, technical work is underway on our site or on the site of your network.

3. I can't register on the site through Steam?

Your level is below 5th. Just raise it up as needed.

4. I can't log into an existing account?

Most likely, you received a permanent or temporary blocking on the site. The site rules can be found here.

5. What does the word "Dupe" mean in the title of the giveaway?

Already activated keys may be present in the giveaway. It does not depend on us (the site) and the keys in such giveaways are not refundable.

6. I received a non-working key, what should I do?

Carefully read point 5. If there was no such mark in the giveaway, contact us to replace the key. We (the site) may request additional information from you. All cases are considered individually, and the process can take up to 7 business days. We (the site) have the right to refuse to replace the key without giving a reason.

7. I have lost, forgotten or the data from my Steam account has been stolen ... How do I enter the site?

In the event that for some reason you have lost data from your Steam account, we (the site) will not provide you with access to any data.

8. Can I create my own giveaway with you?

Yes, contact us and we will arrange everything.

9. How can I send a message about cooperation?

You can write to us by mail.

10. I want to delete my account and erase all data?

Please read our policy carefully.


If you still have questions or suggestions, write to us by mail, to our VK group or Discord channel.
Thank you for using our site and good luck!