Light IPTV

EASY PLAYER - SIMPLE PLAYER FOR Android TV, tv box and smartphones. Review and setup.

In this article, we will consider " Easy IPTV " for watching TV channels on smartphones and TV Box devices.

You can install this player from the Play Store. We already wrote how to install programs for Smart set-top boxes here . Install and open:

To start working with the IPTV player, you need to add your playlist. Click on the plus and write the address of the playlist:

This article made an overview of the test I review I use the test playlist of the official TV provider "Just TV».

Consider the main functions of the player. There are two categories " My playlists " and " Favorites ":

In order to add some channel of the android set-top box to your favorites, you must select the channel, click on the button "OK” and shift to the left side:

Two buttons appearDelete" And "Add to favorites»:

Click on the heart, then return to the item "Favorites”, and we see that the selected channel has been added:

To delete a playlist, go to "My playlists". Select a playlist, press the button " OK” and shift to the left. The delete button appears:

Application "Light IPTV» is quite easy to use and does not require additional settings. All you need to watch TV channels on the set-top box is to download the playlist that you get from your official provider. Also, this application works great on smartphones.

A video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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