android box. Change the font of labels

Often what is written on the TV screen is simply not visible, so it makes sense to change, increase the font size on your Android set-top box.

There are two ways, each complementing the other.

First. Through the menu screen.

Let's go to settings:

Android Box entry into the settings select the font of the prefix android

(you have another menu ⇒ press )

We enter the screen of the Android Box, then there is a choice of options

Android Box reduce or increase the font of the Android Box prefix

Android Box choose the font of the Android set-top box that fits the size of the TV

Has the font increased? Adding a second way will increase it even more

Second. Through a special possibilities

Let's go to settings:

android box accessibility to enable large font android box

(you have another menu ⇒ press )

Just toggle the checkbox in the right place

android box control text its size with one tap android box android box

Ready! In my practice, there were no failures here, and if there is, write below!

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