Adding a program to the visible Android Box menu

Here I will not tell you how to download programs, this is the topic of a separate post about the Android Box. Let's just figure out how to make already installed by default or downloaded programs visible on the main menu of the Android Box set-top box.

Click on the huge “+”:

Android Box adding downloaded programs to the Android Box menu

Now you need to click once on “OK” so that such green checkmarks light up. Look carefully, I have highlighted 3 installed Android Box programs:

Android Box highlight programs visible in the main menu android box

Double clicking will remove the selection and, accordingly, the program will not appear in the menu, so click “smoothly”!

We go back (we discussed how to control forward back ⇒ here ), and this is what we see:

Android Box added channels to the Android Box menu

The goal is achieved, the programs are visible, you have a successful holiday with the Android Box prefix set up together!

Z.Y. You can still add programs in the Android Box category, these big squares “On Line Video”, “Recommented”, “local', etc. But just click on them and you will immediately understand everything.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • Hello, when you first turned on the TV set-top box, there was + to add programs, then it disappeared somewhere. It is not on the screen, and the added programs are not visible either. You have to go through the menu. Don't tell me what the hell is this?

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