PEERS TV. Installation and operation. Archive, TV Guide

Application installation

In this review, we will install again and see the application called It is freely available on the Play Store. This is for those who do not like to invent a good solution. We have already reviewed this article here , but did not mention playlists then.
Let's go to the Play Market and type peerstv in the search:

in the Google search engine we enter the name of the free television to view channels and archives for free we enter in the android set-top box
I have the application already installed:

The installed program Peers tv looks like this the first launch of the program for android only forward

Copying a playlist

Let's go out, go to the browser and copy a third-party playlist so that there are more channels in the application.
Link to playlist . The link works through a VPN .

follow the link to view a free playlist for the android box TV shows for free
A third-party playlist can set at its discretion.

Let's copy this:

free playlist for watching IPTV television watching many channels in Russian channels for the whole family for set-top boxes for free
Open the app:

rewind. pause screen size brightness aspect ratio convenient switching for tv box You can rewind the live broadcast, experiment with the buttons indicated here (rewind, zoom, favorites, volume control).

Find the archive! Here you can find past programs to watch:

peers tv player archive for android set-top boxes 160 channels for free in Russian
Here you can find:

program guides,
other days archive,
161 channels by default.

These are the collections, maybe someone will be interested in something:

viewing free collections for the peers tv player convenient programs and recorded films cartoons for free in collections
Let's go to the settings. The default player is advanced. Quality:

setting the player to switch the level of caching settings advanced settings of the player peers tv

Insert Playlist

Add copied:

add a link to the playlist to watch free Russian television for the android set-top box

Title: 1
Paste below what was previously copied from here .
We save.

Here are the HD channels:

list of HD channels after adding a free playlist for HD channels, everything works free TVSomewhere there is an archive, somewhere there is no archive.
Try it, install the application. See how it works, delete if you don't like it.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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