Free TV viewing through PeersTV

The PeersTV application is absolutely free, but there is also a paid subscription that slightly expands the list of channels.

the PeersTV application on the Android Box . Forgot? The memory is here !

Getting the badge

set top box android PeersTV free tv for android box

We start, the control is quite simple, but you need to get used to it, I will write everything thoroughly, how to find an archive on PeersTV for an android set-top box, how to add to favorites and how to find this very favorite.

Here are the main buttons to control

android box PeersTV switch echannel favorites rewind pause watch tv free android box

I’ll write down the points, but in order for any press to turn on, the screen must be clear from other presses

Under the number 1 hides the volume control

Android Box volume control free TV PeersTV

Under the number 2. As many as 3 buttons. Call up the rewind, pause, add to favorites menu (asterisk). Of course, rewind is active only for the records archive:

rewind PeersTV pause favorites free tv android set top box pause android box

But we are interested in additional pressing the button down or up, then a menu will appear that allows you to adjust the screen size both in width and length, a dynamic thing, but you need to get used to it:

PeersTV zoom change screen set top box android app for free tv android box

The third block of buttons on the Android Box control panel helps to switch channels, just press the channel number in sequence, in the screenshot I pressed 1, then 2 then 7 and waited:

Android Box channels with buttons free tv PeersTV for android box

The fourth block is the most difficult. here and favorites and archive. two login buttons. By clicking on one of them, we get to the list of channels for free TV set-top box android:

 PeersTV Channel List On Screen Free TV Android Box

Here is the reporting point, press to the left - we will get to the menu where you can see your favorites and go through the settings (I will not disassemble them), but if we press to the right we will be able to watch the archive

Pressing to the left will give:

Android Box favorites settings adult channels PeersTV free TV settings

Right click:

Android Box PeersTV archive and work with it

I’ll explain a little here, on the right, the days, we wind up, into the past, the archives are available only to those that burn brightly, I personally have few channels with the archive, so show the attentive owner of the Android Box.

The fifth block erases everything from the screen, for example, it will remove everything that was in the previous screenshot, and we will see a blank screen with a channel:

Android Box TV free worldwide clean screen

And if we press again, we will exit this wonderful free TV set-top box.

The PeersTV application has a regionality, people from different parts of the planet see their own list of channels.

Many channels have been loading for a very long time, some are locked for subscriptions, but in general. If you watch TV for free, then why not?

PS minus the application is that the mouse does not work, only the remote control.

If your hands are properly sharpened, I recommend Lime HD TV , but it doesn’t work with the remote control, or you need a mouse or a touchpad, or an air mouse, which means skills, experiment, and there are 100+ channels in the archive.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • ABOUT! Just in the subject!))) I have this application on the console, only I was too lazy to deal with it (((everything is so simply and easily described here)) thanks, author !!!))

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