Distribution of WiFi set-top box

Yes, and yes again! The Android Box is able to distribute WiFi, therefore it can replace the router (modem). For a long time I mistakenly believed that WiFi would be distributed only in the active operation of the set-top box, and that when the android set-top box “sleeps”, Wi-Fi does not catch, I admit, I was wrong. The Internet distributes the prefix android and in sleep mode.

But there are 2 significant downsides:

  • you will have to pull the Internet cable directly into the room where the android set-top box is located next to the TV;
  • if you unplug the set-top box from the outlet, you will have to turn on the Android Box modem mode again, because it will turn off by default.

Does everything fit? let's act!

We turn on the RJ45 network cable into the android set-top box until it clicks and we see the following monitors in the upper right corner:

Android Box LAN connection indicator set-top box android find

Next, go to the settings again and click on everything circled in the screenshots:

Android Box Settings WiFI set-top box android menu setup

(you have another menu ⇒ press )

android box new wifi network settings android box wifi settings tethering mode
We come up with a name and password for our new connection, it’s better to write it on a piece of paper, because all the guests and family will want to connect to the new wifi android set-top boxes, enter the thought up into the highlighted fields, save

Android Box parameters of the new network WiFI network login and password android box remember distribute save WiFi
Turn on WiFi:

turn on WiFI Android Box, start distributing android set-top box modem mode new connection

We check that the inscription is like mine but with your WiFi network name:

Android Box ghjdthrf gjlrk.xty Ping check settings. check change wifi network name android box set top box

I have an android prefix, how does the modem completely cover a 2-room apartment (50 sq.m.) and you? That's it, I'm waiting for comments with new difficulties. Yes, and thanks can be, the topic is important.

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