My Tuner Free (Radio)

Recently there has been a request for radio. I didn’t think that someone on Android TV listens to the radio, but if so, let’s install it. Let's look at the application for listening to radio stations, it's called My Tuner Free. Download it from the Aptoide TV app store (installation of which is described here ). Open Aptoide TV in the search, type “my tuner free” or you can simply type “radio” :

search program set up listening to radio stations free app store radio for android

Here is the application, the name may vary by region:

we find a program for viewing thousands of radio stations, we start installing the radio for free for android


Radio for android install application favorite music radio djs for android

Loaded unfortunately the application does not create a shortcut. Link to the apk file , also to the folder with shortcuts, where you can find a shortcut for this application.

The application is being installed, please wait a bit. We open:

the program is ready to start for android tv set-top box radio station for tv set-top box for free

Not very conveniently done. At first, you have to resort to using the mouse, but you can skip all this. We select the radio stations we need. Claimed 50,000 but not tested:

application for listening to the radio thousands of radio stations by country listen for free on android prefix

We mark podcasts with stars, also, as I understand it, these are archives of certain program radio stations:

The preference is that we listen to musical genres, sports teams have their own radio stations, you can also choose:

a large selection of radio listening to radio stations on the TV downloaded the radio

Sign up (you can sign in with your google account):

Registration of the program, you can log in through social networks Facebook for radio login for android without registration

Here are the favorites that we have added, "Top Stations" :

main menu of the program top stations favorites podcasts open the world of sound for android

From here you can add to your favorites. To do this, we mark the stations we need with an asterisk:

main screen for listening to radio stations android program radio free hits of the 90s

In the station menu, we can search by:

  • by genre;
  • by cities;
  • countries;
  • proximity:

station menu to search for city radio events search by template thousands of free radios

Podcasts. You can have a look if you're interested:

Browse interesting radio stations listen for free on android box tv

Next in the Hit Parades menu - I didn’t understand why it took 30 seconds. Here are the popular ones. Well, and so on.

In settings:

listen to the radio at home search for radio stations in the settings by musical directions set-top box for radio

You can select the country of interest to us:

search for radio stations is set by country there is a default choice for listening to several thousand radios on a TV set-top box

We turn on the radio station we need and exit with the home button. We click on the house and the radio stations selected by us are played.

From the main menu you can open:

summing up after installing a popular program for listening to radio stations, we look more precisely, we listen to the prefix android box tv

Here is the application My Tuner Free.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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