Transfer files from smartphone to TV Box using ES File Explorer

Good day everyone! In this video, we'll see how to transfer files from a smartphone to a TV or TV box using ES Explorer.

We already talked about how to add a search engine to ES Explorer here and how to transfer forbidden files here .

Let's get started, we will need both devices to be on the same home Internet network, and ES File Explorer installed on both devices.

On the Android TV Box, open ES File Explorer:

to start, open explorer, transfer files to an android set-top box from a phone without a cloud, just

We need a "Sender" (sender):

we designate ourselves as the sender, we are looking for what to transfer file transfer between android devices

Open receive. On the console, I named the device “KM9”:

The prefix is ​​ready to receive files from the phone, we will call the start of receiving

I have android 5.1 on the console, so the picture does not turn to the desired position. Who will have the same situation, you need to install the rotation control application ( link ). Open it once and everything will be fine.

With the Android prefix, that's all - go to the smartphone. We took a smartphone, open ES Explorer:

we prepare the phone for transferring files to the TV we transfer videos and photos

Let me remind you once again how to create an APK file from installed applications. Opening the application:

create APPS files on your phone for transfer to other android devices convert installed programs to appps files

We select the necessary applications:

select files for conversion installed programs on the phone compress into apps

Enable reservation:

compressing a file in apps changing the installed file compressing the working program

It's over. By default, the files will be in the “backup” :

the program on the android device is saved to the folder files are compressed and copied by default

We press "back". Opening the sender:

transfer files from phone to android tv compressed files photos video files

Click send:

send files from your phone to view on another android device

Let's send the video, for this we mark the “ checkboxes ” and click “ send ”:

To send files, check the boxes for the final stage of transferring prepared files from the TV to the phone or vice versa fast file transfer within the network

We press send. We click on the device, and the file is transferred:

receiving and sending files find the recipient as the sender of files for android device

receiving a file with an android set-top box we observe progress on the phone screen instant receiving files via wifi

Now you do not need to transfer to the cloud or copy to a USB flash drive. All files are in place: everything went well files transferred without a cloud and digital media transferring photos on android devices

Let's send our APK files created earlier - highlight and hit submit. Files are being transferred.

For some reason not very fast. This is due to the fact that many devices are connected via WiFi (two phones, 2 TVs, an android prefix), so the speed is probably not very high. Let's wait a bit:

observe devices connected for file transfer android devices connected via wifi

Everything is in place and we return to the TV. Back to TV box:

the operation is completed watching on the TV screen everything is ready transferred the video and photo on the TV screen

If suddenly it doesn’t work on some TVs, in particular Sony, go to the settings, find the item about the device and click on the assembly number seven times - the item for developers will appear in it, turn on USB debugging. This will help. I did not include anything here, everything is transmitted without it. The resulting files will be in this folder:

where are received files stored after transfer on android devices transfer android

Well, that's all, thanks for your attention.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • The sender has disconnected, the prefix x3 cube writes, but everything works in the opposite direction. That is, it transfers files from the set-top box to smart. But I need it the other way around, some kind of game. I put the cart on the TV box and I'm not worried.

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