ES conductor. APK files and applications remotely

We already talked about how to add a search engine to ES Explorer here and how to transfer files here .

Now we will talk about installing applications and APK files of a smartphone or tablet on the Android operating system on an Android TV device.

That is, it will be possible to install an application on a smartphone from the Play Market or download an apk file and install it on Android TV devices remotely. Unfortunately, not all 100% applications are installed, some are not suitable due to different processor architectures and different versions of android.

Let's install ES Explorer on a smartphone, from a smartphone it will be installed on android tv devices, and then we'll see how to install applications and an apk file on an android TV from a smartphone, even if the installation is blocked by the developer.

This can be found on TVs, I will say again for those who are not aware that the android set-top box and android TV are different operating systems. simple android is found on TV boxes. TV box and game consoles with another play store, this play store contains only those applications that are adapted to the remote control.

So let's take a look at everything first. We need to enable USB debugging.

To do this, open the settings :

Open the settings of the android box set-top box android system TV desktop

Item about device:

select about the device to set up the set-top box and the EU of the explorer transfer apk files from the phone

The very last item is the assembly, click until the inscription "you have become a developer" appears:

menu about the setting device of the set-top box finding the desired menu item to identify yourself as the developer of the set-top box

Now go back and open the "for developers" item:

Settings for serious tasks the developer and the set-top box begin to work in complex tasks

USB Debugging:

menu for developers enable debug mode to connect to a computer via usb cable

May be called IDB debug on some devices!


now we allow debugging via usb cable now your device as an external media can move files

Now let's look at the IP address of the device. This will come in handy if the device is not detected during automatic scanning:

finding and determining the ip address of the device for further debugging the set-top box here we see that the android set-top box is connected

We write out!

We take a smartphone and open ES File Explorer:

we are on the desktop of the smartphone, we launch the es explorer from the phone es explorer to transfer apk files

On the APK file for the phone here . Installed, open this menu here:

we find the menu in es explorer the appearance of the program for transferring apk files

We need the "Network" item, then Android TV:

moving to the settings menu of the android set-top box and es explorer

Click "Scan".

Devices must be on the same wifi network!

scanning and downloading at the moment when the set-top box and the phone are on the same network, the transfer of apk files will now begin

While scanning on an Android device (TV), a window may pop up. Allow USB debugging from this device. Will have to confirm. This is all done once, then it will not be necessary to do anything.

Here is the TV and the second TV BOX device:

TV folders on the smartphone screen connect android TV to mobile phone remotely via wifi

For those who haven't decided, let's delete it now:

delete files on the TV remotely via smartphone EU Explorer connected android tv to the phone

For what? Let's see how to enter the IP address manually. Create:

manually connecting the phone to the Android system TV entering the IP address through the create menu

Enter the IP address that was written out on Android TV:

entering the IP address to connect the TV to the smartphone manually by filling in the es fields of the explorer

Enter your IP address, which was written out earlier in this article!

We open the device, now ES Explorer is being installed on Android TV:

Copying the installation files of es explorer to an android TV via a smartphone remotely

Let's wait a bit. Installation completed.

Now let's see if the ES Explorer is installed on the set-top box or not, let's get back to the TV box. Click on the "+" (described in detail here ):

setting the explorer icon on the desktop android set-top box and finding

Yes, everything is installed:

Installation has occurred checking the program on the android set-top box, being on the desktop and adding to the visible area

We open it, and allow everything that is asked, everything is in order, it works:

Open the explorer on the computer es, start the file transfer, confirm the permissions of the program

We return to the smartphone and open the application. We enter APPS and select the applications we need, click "More" and "Install to":

additional settings of the eu explorer on the smartphone where to click is drawn in red squares

we install the file on the TV remotely via the smartphone, the folder is being copied via the home network

It is installed on the TV, we see how copying is going on:

the process of copying in online time we see how files are transferred to the TV from a smartphone

And installation:

installation after copying the application remotely to the android set-top box via phone

Now let's see how to create an APK file. We select the applications we need, click "Reserve":

We compress files after selection on the phone for subsequent transfer to the android box screen

We are waiting for the end, now go to the main menu of Explorer, go to the backups folders, find the apps folder:

find compressed files android Box set-top box and transfer to Android TV

And in order to transfer and immediately install on the Android device, click the familiar “More” and find “Install to”:

transfer and installation on Android TV of selected files from a smartphone remotely

Copying and installing, copying, installing.

Everything is installed, we check on our device, I'm sure you will find all the applications. I repeat, using the above, you can install applications blocked for the android device. Who will have questions, write.

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