Screenshot on the console (screen photo) Android Boxing

In order to take screenshots (screenshots) on the Android Box, you need to enable it in the settings. We enter the settings of the Android Box set-top box, select “ScreenshotSettings”:

Android Box setting screenshot android box photo of the screen of the set-top box(you have another menu ⇒ press )

Here we can immediately enable the “Screenshot” button of the Android Box. Watch it turn on (lower left corner) when we check the box:

android box screenshot android box screenshot

in green is the only thing that can be changed - “select delay time capture the screen”, this is the time delay after clicking, I have the minimum value. You - think what you want.

All is ready. Let me explain how it works - by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the screen, this is what happens:

android box screenshot android box take screenshot

Storage. Screenshots are saved in the Screenshots folder by default.

installed Total Commander .

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  • Everything is so simple, but, believe me, in order to understand how this is done, I installed so many non-working programs. three evenings of attempts, but in fact - you need to put a tick in one place. and this is the whole prefix Android Box 🙂

  • there is no “screenshotsettings” section on the X96MAX, although the box just came out ((

    • Do I understand you correctly that you go to the and see a white background and simply do not find the “ScreenshotSettings” menu selection? If possible, please send a photo of your menu screen (take a picture with your phone), if there really is such a problem, then I will explain how to take screenshots through special programs from GooglePlay

  • I have an MXOPro4k prefix, sometimes I just want to save some photos in the folder of my device, the photo itself. Tell me how to do it?

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