Frolomus. Music player for Smart TV

Today we will consider one of the best music players for set-top boxes and smart TVs - Frolomuse .

download the Apk file of this application here .

Before starting its full-fledged work, the player will offer us to evaluate all the files available on the device. If you give permission, the application will automatically find the music tracks and add them automatically.

Let's move on to the application overview. After installation on Android Box, the main page looks like this:

main page of Frolomuse player for android tv devicesThe top row contains sections of track categories:

displaying categories of tracks in the player all tracks artists genres favorite android tv song categories playlists folders recently added in Frolomuse smart tv playerAlso, there is a sorting section:

go to the sorting section of the music player on the tv box section sorting the Frolomuse player by name by album by artist prefix androidWhen you click on a track, a pop-up menu appears with options for setting up Smart TV playback:

click on three dots to open the song settings in the player on smart tv Frolomuse track playback settings on android tvThere are three buttons at the top:

  • "Share";
  • "Delete;
  • "Add to favorites".

button bar in music player share delete add to favorites on smart tvAt the bottom of the screen there are buttons for managing the Frolomuse application:

control buttons at the bottom of the Frolomuse screen on TV boxes Let's take a closer look at the player settings. The first item on c is " Fade out playback ". If you set this item, then the track on the TV will be played with fading. That is, at the beginning the music will play a little quieter then it becomes louder, convenient, right?

item fading song playback appearing and disappearing android tvWe recommend that you enable the " Pause playback " on smart TV and " Resume playback " for more comfortable use:

enable pause and resume functions in the player on the tv boxAlso, it is possible, if necessary, to set a sleep timer:

sleep timer item in Frolomuse player on android tvItem " Library ". Here you can adjust the display of categories, for example, disable unnecessary ones:

select the display of the desired categories of tracks turn off unnecessary smart TV item settings sections of the player library on smart tvItem " Filter by song type ". You can specify which types of songs should be displayed in the library:

select the type of songs to display in the player Frolomuse android tv filter by song type what types of songs should be displayed in the Frolomuse library on android tv boxThe paragraph " Exclude short songs " speaks for itself:

specifying the minimum duration of the smart tv audio file section Exclude short songs from TV set-top box library searchNext comes the Appearance . Here you can change and select the theme of the Frolomuse app:

Frolomuse app theme selection light blue dark blue smart tv item app theme in the appearance section of android tvThe " Album Grid " item is enabled by default and it is not recommended to disable it, since the display of tracks is more compact with it:

album grid displaying albums in the Frolomuse player on android devicesIt is worth noting that the Frolomuse has a good equalizer. Here you can adjust the sound of the musical composition according to your preferences, for more advanced music lovers:

preset in the equalizer normal classic dance Frolomuse on smart tv equalizer item reverb setting for middle room large hall android tvA video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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