WiFi connection

We deliberately skip the connection via LAN, the set-top box recognizes it automatically. So let's get started!

WiFi connection

Connecting WiFi or according to the popular Wi-Fi (WiFi) is an important matter! We enter the settings of the set-top box, as it was written earlier, and we immediately see the familiar WiFi icon:

WiFi connection on Android Box WiFi connection menu Android Box(you have another menu ⇒ press )

We entered, and we find the lever, or the WiFi enable box:

how to turn on wifi android box where to turn on wifi android box

Carefully look for where WiFI is turned on - in these settings this is the main thing!

Now let's search for networks!

Search WiFI set-top box Android Box search for networks android box

We see a magical list of Wi-Fi networks. To the left of the records, you can see the quality of the received signal:

Android box WiFi signal quality list WiFi network android box

I hope you remember what your WiFi “is called” and you have a password for it written on a piece of paper. Remembered? Click on "your" WiFi. Enter password:

Enter WiFi password Android Box android box WiFi password Ddjlbv gfhjkm DbAb fylhjbl ,jrc gjlrk.xtybt TsshAsh

After entering, click connect.

At the top right near the clock, where monitors are drawn in the screenshots, you must have a WiFi icon. What did not work out or there were problems with the keyboard for typing (and it works the same as in smartphones), write, we will analyze all your cases, and if necessary, we will write an article on how to use the keyboard.

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