SS IPTV. Application for watching TV channels

SS IPTV application and see how to add your playlist in it. Both on the app and on the website. This application has the ability to view channels from your ISP, if such a service is available.

The application is fully adapted to the remote control, it is possible to create a list of favorite channels, and the channels work from different playlists.

Let's install. We open the Play Store in the search, we type "SS IPTV" here is this application:

search in the Play Market search bar search and find a free program for android set-top box television for free playlists freebie


Downloading. Installed. We open. Accept:

free program for viewing tv android in the play market download for free open the program

we confirm the agreement of the IPTV television program for viewing on set-top boxes

It is better to use the mouse quickly, I can do everything with the remote control.

So these are free channels:

default channel selection for android tv set-top box if the provider does not show for free

They are freely available, if your provider is not defined, you must manually enter. Now let's go to the settings:

Gear settings on the android tv set-top box work with the application for viewing free playlists

Select the country, then the city and your provider:

select the country, the city of the proacder for viewing the channels allowed by the provider for the android tv set-top box


The choice of the provider is completed, we confirm the viewing of free channels on the android tv box free channel list

Let's go back to the main menu of SS IPTV for Android TV. Let's open. Let's see:

the main screen of the program for viewing aptv television android set-top boxes for free

Here are how many channels are free:

list of free channels android tv set-top boxes watch freebie main channels on old tv

For a full package of channels, you will have to pay an average of 100 rubles.

Who on the remote control has colored buttons, you can use the blue button to add a channel to the favorites list. Or this option: click here and add:

to favorite favorite channels android tv set-top box channels what we want to watch available halva

In the same menu, the format is changed and the audio track is selected (if possible).

Let's go back - here is a list of favorites, and here you can add channels from different playlists:

menu favorites main menu programs iptv channels for free tv set-top box

Let's go back to the settings. Content. Click to add:

add a playlist for free in the settings of the content of the android tv set-top box

Let's add a playlist now: And enter the address. Links to download playlists here or here (long), short to fit:

We collect any:

download a playlist for android set-top boxes manually prescribe a short address freebie playlist tv set-top box

This is a shortened link to an internal playlist. Now click save:

save playlist in settings android set-top box install free playlist

Added playlist, open:

view the added playlist work with android you set-top box free television

Once again, let's go to the settings and see the parental control, there is limited access. Let's change this now:

change the access value in the set-top box for viewing tv channels full access parental control guarding the house

The channels are set by default in the app. 18+ you can create a pin code yourself. Your default value is 12345. Enter, click save and we have unlimited access:

password for children set-top box under control parental control tv set-top boxes for permission android tv

access check for android set-top box change parent password for set-top box control over channels for free

Now we will get the code to add a device on the site:

code for viewing channels, watching a TV set-top box, connecting devices for free

We wrote it down (preferably on a sheet) and exit the application. We close. The site can be accessed from any device: phone, tablet, computer. In the search, we type SS IPTV. Link to site .

This is what the site looks like. We open the menu and we need "Playlist Editor" .

playlist editor for a site on an android tv box

Here I have a TV already added here, now we are executing the code from the application on the console:

the code on the site adds a playlist viewing device freebie tv set-top box works with the playlist all the time

Entered. Click add device. Added. We open. Here comes the attachment:

devices are viewed on the site apitiwi automatically adds browsing for the TV set-top box

You can add playlists here, add:

we add a playlist on the site and automatically remember it will be added on devices

Here you can write any name with this playlist:

we bring beauty we call playlists for free links prefixes android you

And you need to click save:

we save playlits for convenient use of the set-top box we work on the ssiptv website we do it quickly

We saved and we all get out of here. And let's go back to the application and add it to the main screen. We open here it was immediately added:

we check the main menu of the set-top box for free added a playlist works android tv main menu

If it is not added, you will need to go to the settings, content and click "save":

In addition, we will update, we do what seems useful android prefix, we add a playlist

Here's the info:

on working with playlists android boxing process questions on work for beginners will help with a TV set-top box

If something is not clear how to configure what, how to add what, you can read it all here.

In principle, everything is clear. Try it, add your playlists to free TV, test the application.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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