status bar. Notification panel. Top curtain

Good day everyone, in this video we'll see how to add a notification bar to Android TV:

the standard window android box we bring the window back to normal, the notification panel is dragged from above

Everyone calls this Status Bar application differently - the top curtain. What it can be useful for, for example, while in the browser, you can open the clipboard or some other additional application.

a mouse to control this application . Let's use the Aptoide TV app for shopping (the installation of which is described here ):

we launch the application store appdoit tiwi search for programs for android set-top boxes

In the search you need to type "Power Shade" :

the upper curtain pops up install the program for android tv it is convenient to work

We type in the Power Shade window a search on a TV set-top box for applications for android

We press search . Here is the application:

top curtain application appearance installation at the finish android set-top box configured

The version translated into Russian can be downloaded from the link . We open:

open button set-top box settings search for top curtain slide-out menu for android set-top boxes

Enable slider:

turn allow fulfill the conditions for the successful operation of the sliding panel for android

Click on the black bar:

settings entry inside the program to lower the android curtain view previously running programs

And we give permission to record, overlay windows, notifications:

we list what you can do to allow yourself to launch the program to be launched

Access is also allowed as standard:

we are moving towards the end of permissions, we are fulfilling all the conditions for the application to work

Let's see the settings. I didn't set anything here.

settings unchanged set automatically attachment works as it should blind ready for lowering

Maybe someone will tweak something for themselves here

Disable only vibration, it is not needed:

Let's change the android a little bit for ourselves, remove the lowering curtain that is unnecessary for the operation

You can customize your color:

notification background color paint fill curtain foreground change settings android

Well, additionally:

configured automatically ready looks great will be ready configured

Also did not include anything here, everything is as it was.

We try to call the curtain, nothing happens if you also need to restart the device. We turned off and turned on the Android TV set-top box from the outlet, now the curtain is pulled out as follows, double-click and lower it down for the second click. This is how it all looks:

lowers by clicking clicks on the mouse pull the top menu on the android tv box

You can edit, drag something to the top:

we display for work we edit icons by dragging and dropping we look at how in the figure we control the work of andrid

Let's take a screenshot, now it will be possible to take a screenshot of the screen, scroll through the notifications, the application running in the background. Let's open the clipboard.

Here, while everything is clear, let's go back to the main screen and exit. We pull it out again, try it, everything works.

The curtain works clearly, the settings turned out android box is configured for the program to work for free

Maybe someone will need this application for the Android set-top box, someone won’t, but that’s all for me today. Write.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • Hello, everything is very useful and informative, I have a Hisense B6600 TV on android 9, I would like to remove the annoying “beep” sound when you click (select) on any item in the menu, in applications. There is no way to disable it in the default settings.

    • You need in the settings, common prefixes. And explain exactly when this sound appears, as far as I understand it has nothing to do with the top curtain

  • I can’t turn on the notification function, it says the function is not supported on this device, what is the reason

  • Hello! Slightly off topic, but I can not find a specialist who would at least advise something. The “Recent Applications” window does not open on Mecool KM3, although in the button mapper application I did everything according to the instructions and set the opening of the “Recent Applications” window to hold the “Home” button. Maybe someone faced such a problem. On xiaomi mibox everything worked without problems. Maybe you know an alternative way to close applications hanging in memory. I just found this way through the button mapper.

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