Sleep TV Timer

In this article, let's take a look at the Sleep TV Timer for Android TV. You can install the app from the Google Play Store.

We go to the Play Store and enter the name in the search:

open play store on android tv entering the name of the application in the search for the smart tv play storeInstall the application and open:

installing the Sleep TV Timer application on android tv opening the Sleep TV Timer app on smart TVFirst you need to grant administrator rights:

granting admin rights for Sleep TV Timer app android tvClick " Activate the device administrator application ":

activating the device administrator application on the tv boxNext, click " Yes ":

configuring the granting of administrator rights to the Sleep TV Timer program Go to the settings in the bottom corner and open " Special Access ":

selecting special access in the application settings on android tv go to the settings of the Sleep TV Timer program on smart TVClick " On top of other applications "And select the Sleep TV Timer application from the list:

enable Sleep TV Timer app on top of other android tv select over other apps in tv box settingsWe go back and do the same in the " Change system settings " section:

shutting down the program to change the system settings Sleep TV Timer set-top box android change system settings android tv boxNow you need to check the screen settings. To do this, go to the settings and select " Screensaver ":

selection in the device settings section screensaver tv box go to device settings on smart tvOpen the " Screen Saver " and make sure that " Sleep " is enabled:

opening the splash screen item in android tv settings sleep mode selection in the screensaver section on android tvNow we can set the timer to whatever time we want:

timer setting modes 15 min 90 min on smart tvAlso, you can click " Turn off at " and set the desired time:

timer mode off in the Sleep TV Timer program on smart TV timer for smart tvAfter that, the timer starts and you can safely close the application, turn on any other application:

countdown timer in the application Sleep TV Timer android tvNow let's look at how to make your TV turn off with the Android TV BOX. Go to the device settings and select " Droid Settings ":

selection in us triples item Droid Settings on android tv go to settings on android deviceNext, select " HDMI CEC " and activate all the services we need:

selecting HDMI CEC in the TV box device settings activation of all the necessary items to turn off the android box along with the TVSet the timer and use the application.

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