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In this article, we will consider a player for viewing channels on Android TV devices, which is called GSE Smart Player . The application is available in the official Play Store, how to download applications we talked about here .

This application provides a large number of settings, but we will consider only the necessary ones. First you need to go to the “ Settings ” item:

go to the settings of the GSE Smart Player on Android TVFrom all the variety, we select only one item - “ M3 U parser ”:

M3u selection in GSE Smart Player on smart TVWe go back and select the item “ Language ”. If the application opens in an incomprehensible language, then you need to go to this item and set your language:

go to the settings item change language GSE Smart Player android tv language selection in the item change language Russian language smart tvAlso, on the Smart TV set-top box, you can change the theme:

choosing a theme color in the player on android tv the item to change the theme in the player settings on the TV set-top boxThe program has " Parental control ":

parental control in smart tv settingsWe set a password, a four-digit code, and restrict access to content that is not desirable for children to view:

entering a four-digit code in the player to set the parental control of the set-top box setting a password for parental control in the player on the tv boxThe application already has a built-in TV program - “ EPG ”. We recommend installing your own TV program:

built-in EPG TV program in the player on TV box devicesIn order to download your playlist, you need to go to the “ Local playlists ” item and click on the plus:

add playlist in paragraph local playlists android tvThere are several options for adding. Choose the usual “ M 3 U file ”:

select the format of the added file in GSE Smart Player on smart TVWe prescribe the name of the playlist and indicate the path to the file. Click " Add ":

enter the name of the playlist and the path to the smart tv filePlaylist added:

your playlist is added to GSE Smart Player on Android TV devicesThe design of the application for Android TV is quite convenient. The groups are arranged in the form of a regular list:

channel groups music science promo in the player for android tv devices Section "All channels". Here, the logos of TV channels are immediately loaded. Also, it is possible to sort in ascending / descending order or cancel sorting:

section all channels display after adding a playlist to smart TV sort channels ascending and descending on android tv You can add the desired channel to your set-top box favorites. To do this, click on the star:

adding the desired channel to favorites by clicking on the star on TV box devicesWhen you click on any channel, a dialog box appears with some functions:

additional functions when clicking on a video in the GSE Smart Player on smart TV devicesGSE Smart Player is quite easy to use. However, the app requires the Android 4.0 operating system to be installed. Not less.

A video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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