SwiftKey. Smart Keyboard for Smart TV

In this article, we will look at the keyboard that can be used on Android TV. The program is called SwiftKey , you can install it from Google Play, we have already told you how you can install programs from Google Play here .

Start settings

You must set up the app before you can use it. Install the keyboard and run. The settings start menu appears. Click " Enable SwiftKey ":

, the first item of the SwiftKey keyboard settings is turning on android tvwe can switch to the SwiftKey . Please note that all input data may be collected when using this keyboard. However, they cannot be used against you:

virtual keyboard selection SwiftKey agreement using input data smart tvThe next item in the application settings is " Select SwiftKey ":

the second item of the starting keyboard settings is the choice of SwiftKey android set-top boxesChoose a layout:

selection of virtual keyboard layout on smart TV devicesThe last item " Finish ":

item completion of the start settings of the keyboard for tv boxYou can sign in with your Microsoft account or with Google. In the event that you do not want to log in using your account, you can simply click the " Not Now " button:

select item not now login with android tv accountAfter that, a dialog box appears asking you to provide keyboard usage data:

offer to provide usage data to improve consent disagreement SwiftKey on tv boxCompleting the application installation:

completion of installation and start-up settings of the SwiftKey keyboard for android devicesAfter installation, you also need to make some settings. You can continue to work with your account in order to take full advantage of this application. But we will look at a way to use the keyboard without logging into an account.

Keyboard settings

Let's look at a few settings. The first setting item is " Multilingual ":

SwiftKey basic settings settings sections first multilingual android tvA large number of languages ​​are provided here. If we go to this tab, then the languages ​​\u200b\u200bthat are inherent in the country of your residence are displayed first. In order to display world languages, you need to scroll to the end of the list and click on the button " All languages ":

section multilingual display of country languages ​​and world languages ​​smart tvThe next item is " Theme ". There are many different theme options provided, and you can also create your own theme:

choosing a keyboard theme creating your own theme in the SwiftKey TV box Theme item in smart tv smart keyboard settingsNext comes the “ Input ” item, which you should pay attention to, since here you can enable many useful functions for the android box. For example, auto-correction, if you spell a word incorrectly, the application will automatically underline it and offer correct input options:

turn on the auto-correction function of cursor control auto-capitalize smart tvAlso, there is a " Gesture input ":

SwiftKey keyboard settings item android tv gesture inputThere is an option to clear your smart TV's input data if you need to erase everything you've entered so that the app doesn't remember any of your personal data:

clear input data from the keyboard to delete the entered information tv box android Item " Emoji ". We recommend that you turn on the “ Smile Prediction ” of the TV box, then when you enter text, the application will automatically evaluate which emotion matches the text:

enabling the emoji prediction function on the keyboard of android tv devices item "Emoji" in the main settings section of the keyboard swift key smart tvItem " Layout and keys ":

item "Layout and keys" in the settings of the virtual keyboard on the smart TV boxItem " Sound and vibration ":

item "Sound and vibration" setting the volume of the sound of keystrokes using the vibrations of the TV set-top box After setting up the application, you can move on to using the keyboard. It looks like this when displayed on the device:

S wiftKey SwiftKey keyboard display view on android tv devices keyboard is much more comfortable than the regular Android keyboard. Therefore, we recommend this application to be used instead of the standard keyboard.

There is another application for the LeanKey Keyboard, we wrote about it here .

A video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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