ES Explorer. How to add a search engine

How to transfer simple applications and files in ES Explorer was discussed here and how to transfer locked files here .

After the next update in the ES Explorer of the Android TV set-top box, the search engine item disappeared in the "Bookmarks" section. Previously, the default was Yahoo: you could change it to your taste. Now this is nothing. Let's see how to add a search engine to ES Explorer, and also see where to get search engine addresses.

Let's use the google chrome app. described here

google chrome for android tv box looking for search links to add to explorer

Let's write in the search "addresses of search engines" .

we enter the search looking for links for the android set-top box explorer

We typed press "search". Here is the site link:

search for a site with links google chrome distribution of the search engine links for the explorer are ready

We open and see a large number of search engines, well-known, little-known, completely unknown, here is google universal:

a list of search engines of popular and unpopular links is written on a leaf

We looked, we remembered the ones we needed (Google, Yandex, Amazon, etc.). Let's get out of here. Open ES File Explorer :

explorer enter from the main page for android box tv

Bookmarks - Add :

ES Explorer. How to add a search engine

bookmarks add to the prefix android box and we will use it in the explorer

Add click. I will also add Yandex:

bookmark waiting for Yandex search engine working search engine quickly adding search engines to the prefix

You add at your discretion, now open let's see:

checking the work of the EU explorer search tags added to the android prefix

You can use it until this item is removed from your favorite explorer.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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