rotation control. Screen rotation control

Increasingly, there is a need for non-adapted applications to expand the screen on the Android Box. By default, on set-top boxes, the screen and windows do not turn to the desired positions, but open horizontally. Now let's see how to solve this problem using the Rotation control application.

First, let's open the VPN inf application. The application opens horizontally:

the screen does not turn over android set-top box display image is incorrect

Doesn't rotate to correct position.

Let's go to the settings of the Android Box TV:

Entering the settings android set-top box standard menu for changing settings

The display on different devices (versions of the set-top box) may be called differently. Screen settings or something similar:

We enter the screen rotation display settings of the screen for changing the default settings

We need the "screen rotation" item, if the default is "original" we need to enable "forceland":

the original setting must be changed to forceland set-top boxes android screen rotation

I will turn on “original” for the time being, whoever has not found this settings item now, go to the Aptoide TV app store and install the application we need. To solve the problem with screen rotation in the search, we write Rotation control:

search for the Rotation control application on the android set-top box change screen rotation using applications

Here is the app:

find the desired application rotate the TV screen for free fast download

We install. Also, the APK file can be downloaded from the link .

We open. There is nothing to configure here:

The TV screen rotation application is installed, we use it beautifully, the android prefix shows correctly

Disable - enable. Just install once. Now open this app. Everything can be enjoyed:

Automatic screen rotation of the android set-top box as it should work screen downloaded for free

Let's open the VPN inf applications again:

works as it should rotate the screen correct android happy prefix shows

We see the application opens as expected. It's that simple. Write questions

PS Site support via the link 😉

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