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I reinstalled OttPlayer IPTV and saw the application really adapted to the remote control, unlike the previous version, it is much more convenient to navigate, but immediately ran into an authorization problem - I could not enter the application in any way.

Let's figure out how to solve this problem for anyone who has it, and also go to the site of the same name and see how to register, add a playlist and add groups to it, and add a channel to groups

Here is the player, which is freely available in the Play Store :

main menu android device switching and entering OttPlayer IPTV for free

We go. We install. I will also use the Clipboard PRO so as not to type links manually:

program to save links launch Clipboard PRO free for android set-top box

Copied links look like work clipboard set top box android in work

Using the Google Chrome app:

We go on the prefix android box in google chrome in google chrome for smart tv open

Also, all this can be done on a computer, tablet, smartphone, where it is more convenient for anyone. We go to the site . Let's go to the download this item for different operating systems:

 OttPlayer official site downloading from the player site free viewing of IPTV television on android box set-top boxes

Help if someone does not understand something, you can read everything: 

Help ottp player view official website OttPlayer work

Go to registration, enter:
· mail;
· password;
password again
and click send:

Registration for the site OttPlayer free TV through registration on the site for android box

A letter will come in the mail. Follow the link and all registration is completed. It is not necessary to add a phone number. We go into the device, exit here with the home , we will not close anything.

Open the OttPlayer app and try to login:

watching OttPlayer on Android Box watching free TV on smart TV

Here we enter all the data of the site mail password (which we came up with above during registration):

program for free TV enter registration data for channels android set-top box

If it doesn't work here, how do I go back. Settings:

 for the Android Box OttPlayer android box app settings enjoyment

And exit the mode: 

switching settings of the set-top box exiting the TV mode customizing the set-top box android box

Now click on the avatar:

OttPlayer IPTV

Add email and password:

add data for input on the prefix android box ottp player

Click on plus:

 android box to install channel view app press plus new device

And add the device:

for the android box TV set-top box, set a new device and click add

We also exit here with the "Home" , return to the site. No connected devices:

Android box has no connected devices in ott player

Refresh the page:

detecting android box as set-top box for app and watching tv channels

Connected KM9, go to playlists:

finding and connecting a new device for the android box and watching channels

And write the title:

we write the application in the line for the android box

I already wrote this, I'm all set to open the clipboard:

copy the link for the android box and future use

Links to sites with playlists. Copy the link we need here, click the link, hold, paste:

use the insert button for the prefix set up the view

We add a playlist to the device, we have only one device:

adding device to android box

If the playlist has support for archives, enable it, click send:

archives and their inclusion for the ottp player on the android box

Playlist uploaded and added:

a message about the hastily added playlist is displayed on the screen

We do everything the same - add two more playlists. You can also copy from one link if the PRO clipboard is not installed, or you can generally enter it manually to someone as it is more convenient. Please note that we are adding the same device - an Android set-top box.

Added playlists:

the added number of playlists on the screen looks like this

We look:

  1.  this device;
  2. edit;
  3. update playlist ;
  4. share can be sent to someone;
  5. delete:

The main designation of icons for viewing and analyzing downloaded playlists

Let's go to edit (number 2 in the screenshot above, let's see how to add groups.

Click on channels:

Editing in order to add the android box to the TV playlist groups

Now "New Group":

create channel groups based on the downloaded playlist

Write the name of the group and click save:

change the name of the group for the Android box and save it for the convenience of using TV channels

We are waiting for a while to load.

Don't forget to enable auto-updates!

Group added:

turn on updates on auto save and start watching

Now let's see how to add a channel to a group. Click on the channel on the android console:

the experiment is over, you can try and work on the android box

Empty group push to unsorted:

choose a logo for the android box group

Now let's select some channel without a logo, at the same time we'll see how to add a logo on a set-top box. Let's VIP COMEDY HD. Click on the gear:

determine which logo suits the channel if it was not the default for android box

And select the created group "movies":

editing of the channel with the preservation of the logotype convenience of the channel of the group and playlist

From the library: 

we will determine which logo is suitable for choosing and install the last one for the android box

Let's add a logo, for this we specify the first group of the channel name (V):

setting the logo the final stage of the android box is convenient to operate

Here it is VIP COMEDY HD:

We evaluate the images to understand whether it was possible to install or rather change the logotype

A logo was added and immediately it became possible to turn on the TV guide and add an age limit. Click save:

understanding how to save changes defining age limits for a playlist

You can also add a channel to a group here. It seems even more convenient here if you have already created groups. Let's go edit:

channel editing click on the desired icon and change it

Turn on auto-updates. Otherwise, the playlist will not be updated. Let's leave one day and "Save":

how to enable automatic playlist update for convenient use

All included auto-update. Let's close everything and get out of here.

Open the application, click on the KM9 device. Playlists added:

evaluating adding to changelist for next convenient use

We choose a playlist. It has loaded and back in "TV mode" the playlist is loaded:

switching between modes conveniently use the application

Here's the channel we've added:

the appearance of the channel our logo playlist loading is over android box


Let's go to the settings. Here you can do a lot, for example, choose a player:

selecting a media player to install the necessary android box checkboxes in the settings

Change screen scale:

Change the scale of the screen and view and analyze what is happening

Parental control:

Installation and understanding of the need to control the age of children in the android box

You can also change the playlist here.

Further, you will understand the views yourself, discussed the main nuances when working with free playlists of the android console.

Here is such an article. If you have any questions or would like to extend it, write below.


PS Site support via the link 😉

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