Disable provider blocking or set DNS on WiFi

The method has been tried and works when the provider interferes with the operation of Android Box with its exceptions. This will not affect the speed of the Internet connection, it's just that you will not connect to the server that the provider blocks, but to Google DNS or

DNS stands for Domain Name System .

It is difficult to get to the bottom of the Android Box advanced settings, I will tell you what you will run into and how to get around it.

By going corny into the WiFi connection:

Standard Menu go to WiFi gjlrk.xftv ghbcnfdre r bynthytn

And turning it on, we will meet the list:

click the checkmark when the WiFi Android Box is turned off if the enable list is not visible

Seeing and connecting your WiFi consider this:

can't change DNS settings no WIFi missing what to do deadlock

There are no DNS settings here, but this is not a dead end!

We go back to the settings of your favorite Android Box, go to the second row from the top and go to the very right side until we find “More settings”

Entering the other menu of the android box set-top box, we find the settings on the white background of the set-top box

Now, without explanation, a set of pictures where to click:

Disable provider blocking or set DNS on WiFi

Android Box enable WiFI settings ceotcnde.otuj cjtlbytybz jib,jcxyjt gjlrk.xtybt ghbcnfdrb erroneous connection of set-top box

Press and hold the OK button or a button on another device to control , if you press and release, then next. the menu won't pop up:

Disable provider blocking or set DNS on WiFi

Now again just click or check the boxes, as in the screenshots:

Advanced Wi-Fi Settings Android Box, Wi-Fi Connection Advanced Settings

Disable provider blocking or set DNS on WiFi

we enter the values ​​\u200b\u200bof the advanced DNS settings when connecting the android box WiFi DNS google enter the android box into the prefix

To see all this, I rewind down on my console.

The numbers are written as if in gray - this is a hint on top of which you need to write everything and save it:

Disable provider blocking or set DNS on WiFi

Well, that's all, there will be questions or what kind of blocking of the provider was avoided - write in the comments, I'm waiting!

PS If you register DNS1:, DNS2:, then ads in any browsers will be disabled on the Android Box. How to disable ads on all home devices through the router settings - I will tell you here .

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • This type of hack consultant is 9892415203

  • I wrote everything down as in the photo, but there is no Internet. Connected via wifi but different provider. Prefix iNext tv3 from the format.

  • vladimir is right. connected without internet.

  • to sergey

    in DNS 1 you need to register the address of the gateway. Tobish the address of your router / modem
    and in DNS 2 and restart the wifi boxes

  • As soon as I turn on Wi-Fi it is immediately blocked. I don’t have a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bsetting on my console, in short, a bummer ....

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