CetusPlay Remote control, transfer APK files from smartphone, other

Consider the CetusPlay . It is installed on a smartphone running the Android operating system, and the server is installed on a phone or tablet. The main function of this program is a remote control for android TV in different versions:

  • navigation console,
  • remote control with touchpad,
  • remote control with mouse function,
  • gamepad features.

Using the CetusPlay application, you can transfer videos, photos from your smartphone to the device, that is, play and transfer APK files, you can copy the link to the playlist on your smartphone and paste it into the IPTV viewing application on the device.

Turn on USB debugging. To do this, open the settings:

Entering the settings from the desktop android box, click on the gear

Item about the device. The very last item is the assembly, click until the inscription "you have become a developer" appears:

click on the button to become a developer find the build number of the android prefix

Now back and open the item "for developers"

Set-top box settings and go to the menu for development for accessibility

USB Debugging:

enabling USB debugging to connect to a computer on an android set-top box

May be called IDB debug on some devices!

We leave from here and go to the Play Market , in the search we type CetusPlay:

installing cetusplay through the play market on the android box

Install, open, give all permissions:

We allow the installation of files on the android prefix CetusPlay

We take a smartphone.

Link to APK file here . We go to the Play Market, in the search we type CetusPlay. Here is the application:

application on the smartphone screen in the play market list after entering the program in the search

Install and open. Here is the TV and box:

We see connected devices on the same wifi network on the smartphone screen

Select the desired device, then. Click on the top left:

Find your Android device or TV to connect via Wi-Fi

We will see the code on the TV, you need to enter it in your smartphone to connect (enter your code):

verification of correctness by entering a digital code on two devices - a TV and a smartphone

We try - the remote control works, the volume:

remote control works like changing channels and volume

Let's try the touchpad remote control on our own, you'll figure it out, you just need to get used to it:

switching the smartphone to touchpad mode to control android box and watch TV

Let's see the remote control with digital buttons, everything works:

Switching modes of the control panel for a smartphone to operate the functions of an android set-top box

Remote control with number keys for android box and channel switching

Gamepad mode is in development, try it yourself.

Click on the menu in the upper left corner:

additional settings for the smartphone screen and switching channels on the android box remotely

Broadcast on TV “Video”:

video broadcast using the smartphone screen and output to the TV screen remotely

The video is loaded and we call this little console:

screenshot for getting a small remote control

convenient channel switching by smartphone screen for convenient android set-top box remotely

You can play back a photo by analogy from the same menu.

transfer photos and files remotely via wifi network from smartphone to TV

Now files. The files are not seen by the CetusPlay application, only the APK:

transferring apk files through the visible part of the smartphone to the android set-top box remotely using the phone

We enter the APK folder. Again they ask for the code:

enter the authentication code to transfer from the phone to the set-top box remotely

You can install APK files remotely here, it's intuitive.

We return. In the menu you will also find the “application center”, this is like an application store, you can also install from here:

Additional service for installing APK files and controlling TV via smartphone remotely

All other features are interesting too, you can do screen capture, there is a cleanup wizard, or even you can copy playlist links.

Suddenly something is not clear - write comments.

PS Site support via the link 😉

Comments 2

  • After installation, everything works ... except for the OK button (or confirmation in the form of clicking on the screen).

  • Hello. Does the program not work with voice? The keyboard from the smartphone also does not work?

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