Problems, glitches, bugs of the Android Box console

For a long time I dreamed of this topic and the rubric of its placement, but nevertheless included it in the First Acquaintance , well, when this will happen, is it unknown? But Android Box will shut down anyway, it's a matter of time. Why? Yes, because gladiolus! A raw operating system written for a tablet, that explains it all. Those. all programs were developed for a tablet - at best, for a smart phone - at worst.

A reboot almost always helps, you need to turn off and turn on the Android Box from the outlet.

Did not help? So you need to roll back to the factory settings .

Throws out the program

It often happens that after installing the program (we will also talk later how to install them), the program does not work at all, in any way, it just throws it out. After several sleepless nights, I managed to trick the Android Box and in this submenu I tell you this secret.

We need to change the menu, make it like on the phone! Everything is very simple! Well, what about moving on to another article? Will you figure it out yourself? Well, okay, I've persuaded you, I'm posting screenshots.

After entering the settings, select:

Selecting the Android Box Prefix Menu how to switch the prefix to work as an Android box tablet

(you have another menu ⇒ press )

Now move the dot up:

Selecting the menu of the Android Box set-top box switch the set-top box as a smartphone phone android box

Well, here is the menu we see:

Android Box tablet menu Android box works like a smartphone tablet

How to work with the tablet menu on the Android Box is intuitive, especially when you have chosen the right device for this.

Personally, many programs went to me, both for the phone and for the tablet on Android Box, but we'll talk about this in the heading Complex tasks .

The topic will go on and on, because there are a lot of bugs, but the more interesting it is (I rub my hands)

Write an attentive reader) About bugs, about life)

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