Disable ads on all devices at home

When advertising on your gadgets is already boring, and firewalls cannot cope with spam flying from all sites and applications, we recommend that you get rid of this by simply changing the router settings in your home.

How does this relate to the Android site? The article says about changing the DNS on the Android prefix to disable ads, but many do not succeed in this:

  • save button not working
  • someone else has problems
  • and someone can't find the DNS setting.

So we will solve this problem radically by disabling ads on all devices. To do this, open the browser and in the address bar enter the numbers 192.168.1 ( link ) or the numbers ( link ), sometimes it turns out to ( link ):

Router address for setting up disabling ads in the house change DNS

On the screen you will see the input:

Entering a login and password to configure the router and set DNS to disable advertising in the apartment

You will see the login and password in the contract with the Internet provider. If you connected the router and bought it yourself, then look for a hint either in the instructions for the router, or you will see this:

 use the prompt from the router to enter the settings, we can configure dns

In this case, enter the word admin as the password.

This password has nothing to do with the WiFi settings password, it is the password for entering the router settings, in which you can change everything, including passwords and the WiFi name.

We observe such a page with settings. You will probably see something different, but the essence remains the same. Search for and click the "Internet" tab:

click Internet settings modem to change DNS

We are looking for DNS words that can occur anywhere:

advanced settings of the router, we can change the DNS to disable advertising at home by changing the DNS

Click "Change"

IP information. Check the "static DNS" box:

Now we enter: - if one window is entered in the first one; - if there is a second window:

DNS values ​​lkz yfcnhjqrb vj;tvf jnrk.xtybt hrkfvs afthdjl xthtp hjenth ybrfrb[ htrkfv b njhvj;tybq DNS for all liquid disable ads router value of both dns modem settings

Click save. We reboot the router by turning off and on the power from the network.

Congratulations! There are no ads in your house!

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