Firefox browser for TV

Let's analyze the Mozilla Firefox for TV application. This is the Firefox browser for the TV. Installing another TV Bro is here. Google chrome is here .

Downloading this application on Google Play will not work, but if the developers do not quit, then this feature will appear soon.

To download, we will use the Aptoide TV program (the installation of which is described here ):

apps installed launch Aptoide TV to download firefox for tv

Android Box launching an application for downloading the Aptoide TV set-top box

We launch. We need an "applications" section:

We are looking for the right section to download the application for android box switching to the section

Performance category:

horizontal search category program Aptoide TV find the performance to find the browser to download

We open. Here it is - the very first Firefox browser:

select Firefox for download browser for Android Box

Firefox for TV installation and first launch of a browser for an android gadget

Link to the APK file for Mazilla: here .

Settled. Let's get out of here, look at the icon:

Firefox browser for TV for android box install and view installed applications

It looks like this. We launch. Turn on turbo mode:

enabling the correct mode for firefox on android box mode control setting the browser prefix

We need a button on the remote control 3 horizontal stripes (menu):

Android Box remote control menu button selection menu description of smart TV remote control

How the remote control buttons work is already described here .

We press. Now you can delete the bookmark:

Remove button remove browser bookmark for android box

Let's go to youtube:

youtube launch on the browser for smart TV, the first inclusion of youtube on the installed firefox

youtube for firefox on the prefix box smart tv android go to YouTube through the browser

YouTube plays video with html player for browsers. So the video doesn't work very well. You can exit from here using the menu button.

Maybe someone has a different button on the remote, try it. Now to the "house" - home.

Let's type something in the search bar and see how to add a bookmark to the home screen. Recruiting Google:

search in firefox for androlid for set-top box smart android new browser from developers

Here you need to get used to it to understand how to control the round pointer:

lkz afthajrc Google Page pf[jlbv cvjnhbv yf fylhjbl ,jrc lhjeue. gjbcrjde. cbcntve look at android box search

Press the menu button again. Select this pin, the bookmark is added to the main screen. Now the house:

select bookmark for browser Firefox for TV select menu return home after bookmark

Bookmark added:

Firefox for TV bookmark view added and see Google bookmark on android TV

Here is a browser. Let's hope that its development will not be abandoned, they will add the standard download function.

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