Reassignment of buttons on the control panel. Replacing a standard action, adding a new action

In this article, we will consider an application called "Key Remapping", but in our case, these are the buttons on the remote control.

Also, with this application, you can add additional actions to the remote control buttons - this is a long press and in the premium version, double-tap, triple-tap and simultaneous pressing of two buttons.

We launch the Aptoide TV application store (the installation of which is described here ):

open Aptoide TV program login menu search button

We type in the search "key remapping". Pressed "search".

search for a program key remapping for the Aptoide TV remote control in the search

We need the Buttons remapper application:

Buttons remapper program in the search we find the program we are looking for we select what we need


Installing the program for reassigning keys, press the install button, waiting for the installation of the program

Also, the APK file can be downloaded from the link .

We open:

We are waiting for the installation of the application installation of the application is remapped buttons Buttons remapper is completed

Enable slider:

Buttons remapper accessibility service enabling to work with the application

Select "Key Remapping":

we reassign the keys, select the required about what you need

Special features include:

permission to change keys, change the checkbox in places, turn on, allow changing the buttons on the control panel

Click OK:

we allow the change of keys on the prefix android box we change the buttons in places as you like

Here we click on the plus:

we add a function to replace the assignment of the keys of the smart TV set-top box, we make a button on the DPU as we want

Let's add a short or long press for the key:

choose what exactly to change or add to the key change mode for the control panel of the android tv set-top box

I will select the home button home:

set the function for the HOME button select what we want to change the key to change the assignment of the keys

With the back button, the device does not work correctly. The delay can be changed:

How long to keep the remote button pressed so that the press key works, press hold the button on android TV

And I leave the “Last application”:

the function of pressing it will happen with the set-top box for the TV after pressing the button in the specified interval, wait, press, mark

I click Ok. Let's add more functions for the buttons. Click on +. In the premium version, combinations are available:

button combination add new knowledge hard task for android box frequent presses two clicks

This is a double click (Triple click), pressing two buttons at the same time:

choice of three for the smart box double click triple click two buttons at the same time one of the choice

Select the menu button, these are three horizontal bars:

What exactly we change which button we reset in the selected range of functions for the prefix androidbox choice from many

And let's choose to open a browser:

function to change android tv remote control key function remote control another to remap keys

OK. Also, who has number buttons on the remote control, you can add the opening of applications.

Let's choose "other":

action selection new different smart set-top box button function for TV

Let's select button 1:

Numeric assignment of keys for the TV set-top box Clear assignment of another function Numeric value for the control panel

And select the action “Other”:

What we change for the remote control will show a TV with a different function another function define a click on the opening of the program

Open application:

one button opens the application set the value of the remote control keys for the TV set-top box new definition of old clicks set what we want

And select the application for this button. Let's take the clipboard for example:

the program is selected for pressing the android box button, we set a new key on the control panel, the double-click button


assigning a button to the remote control is ready confirming the action for the androidbox tv box

Let's go out. Let's try holding the home button. The last application opened:

key reassignment for smart set-top box got a double press sticky keys short and long press of the set-top box

True, you can close it only with the mouse. We exit, double-click on the menu and you can open the browser:

short and long press android box opens app with one button remapping check

Made a label:

a label is assigned to the program download shortcuts for the smart tv box set-top box assign the installed program

If anyone needs a link to the labels . Let's open the application:

android set-top box for the TV open the application that installed the health check and make it a breeze

You can remove unnecessary actions or reassign:

remapping a pre-installed view of what was done by the management of the functions of reprogramming keys for android box

If with some buttons assigned to additional actions, the device will not work correctly, try deleting or reassigning to other buttons, but that's all for me today.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • Stick useless and third-party garbage software in your ass, which will devour extra resources and other services. It is better to reassign the keys of a third-party remote control at the system level. And this is a vyser

  • thank you exactly what you need buton mapper does not see part of the program this aids everything !!!

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