KillApps - Program to close running applications

For the necessary actions with the program, you need a mouse or skills to work with the control panel in the "mouse" mode. We talked about how to do it here .

Install and review the KillApps program. With it, you can close all applications: after games, video players, explorers and other actions. In order not to restart the device, but simply take open the program and close unnecessary applications.

Let's use the Aptoide TV app store (the installation of which is described here ). Opens:

Aptoide TV launch on android TV TV download programs for set-top boxes

In the search, we type KillApps:

search for Aptoide TV programs download applications for android TV

KillApps app search aploid tv keyboard android box

We press search.

Here is the app:

find the right application to close the background programs of applications hidden KillApps for android

Also link to the APK file here

Installed. We leave. Let's look at the work of KillApps on the example of the Ace Stream Media application.

first launch of killapps app killapps launch preview

At the moment it is running, will the program handle it?

This is how Kill Apps looks inside:

KillApps inside the first launch of the program for smart TV set-top boxes

We see the number of running applications, above is the menu, and there are settings in it. Let's go:

Go to KillApps settings dropdown menu navigate KillApps go

You can change the theme light/dark:

settings change for android KillApps change theme settings light dark theme change process

Make a backup of the settings. Then you can restore:

KillApps settings copy byubecap restore settings for android box

Options "System Applications" are available in the PRO version:

Expose system applications carefully can cause the KillApps android box to crash

When you turn it on, be careful with them, as they will close applications that you do not understand and the Android Box will not work correctly.

We rewind the page down and see running applications, just above the exception. Let's do the necessary:

KillApps List of Exceptions for android TV application KillApps installation before the first launch of the program

Note those applications that will not close:

set the checkboxes to exclude applications running programs android box running programs remove

Viewing a List of Excluded Programs Android Box KillApps Closing Programs

Decide for yourself what to include in the exceptions.

When you click on “Play”, you need to confirm the permissions to overlay windows:

KillApps Launch and permissions app for android box first launch of android box app

Allowing KillApps window overlay permissions required for KillApps to work

KillApps confirmation of the installed settings turn the lever set-top box android box KillApps close programs

We also give permission:

Android Box permissions for the KillApps program before launching allow

Enable special features:

enabling permissions for KillApps enable to work properly on android tv box

KillApps Turn on the permission lever for the KillApps application

handling actions allow KillApps to process actions get window contents

And close all installed applications (except for exceptions earlier):

KillApps launches an application to close open applications, excluding previously manually added KillApps applications

The KillApps program is waiting for the end of the program interest Android Box TV set-top box closing programs without exceptions

It's still faster than rebooting the device. Until you open them again, applications will not start.

Dropped to the main menu:KillApps stopping the program throws it into the main menu closing the program itself android tv smart box

Let's open Ace Stream Media. We look, you see - the application began to start again, before that it started immediately:

checking if the Ace Stream Media application is closed using the KillApps Android Box program

The application works, and now it is clear how.

Some people may find this app helpful. Write comments.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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  • But what if there is no access to special features? some stripped-down android is installed on the projector and you can’t enter the settings

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