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Good day everyone! In this video, we will install and see an application called NUM. This program adds a line of recommendations to the main screen. Latest added movies. Also in the search on the main screen, you can find previously added movies.

To play movies on the device, the Ace Stream or Torrserve application must be installed and configured.

APK file download site . We type in the search: NUN

NUN application search for movies installed and added to the TV box for free

Short description: "search for movies and TV shows on the rutor" . Android TV version must be 6+:

read the description of the movie and the version of android 6+ plus the site NUN

For some reason I didn't get the latest version. Install version 0003:

the latest version did not go, you have to install version 0003 the choice of new and old editions of android tv set-top boxes NUN

Who is not registered on APK files can be downloaded from Yandex disk ( link )


installed the NUN application on Android TV, which was downloaded from

Let's get out of here and take a look. So far, nothing has been added. So, after all, once you need to open the application on the Android TV set-top box (from the list of installed applications). Let's look again. All added:

movie added NUN program in progress watching movies tv set-top box

We choose the film we want. We open. Choose quality:

choose the quality of viewing on a tv box android free application for viewing

We select the player ( you can remember ) and look:

a variety of players for playing media consoles android set up a convenient player for movies

Playback started.

Now let's try to type something in the search: 

main page of android set-top box adding NUN application search menu add menu watch previously added movies for free

Also open select the quality and look.

 I hope everything is clear, there will be questions - write.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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