Resetting the Android Box to factory settings

Apply when everything is bad with the Android Box prefix: hangs, buggy, and when this article .

Check if everything is saved! Further actions will delete all settings, applications, languages, photos!

Before installation, it is better to delete Google Play accounts (described ⇒ here )

The prefix will be the same as you printed it out of the box (dust and scratches do not count).


In the settings menu (below), select the following:

android box factory reset android box factory reset(you have another menu ⇒ press )

Here is the finish line:

android box factory reset android box factory reset android box buggy

Feel free to press, agree, but the time until all this happens (5 minutes on average) is enough for you to write a comment about this site and the girl who harnessed me to do it, I’ll say right away - beautiful :)

Now again you need to select the language and connect WiFi

Instead of Z.Y. I wonder how Google Play will behave, whether it is possible to register another account on it after a rollback, or, as in modern smartphones, I forgot my Google account, you can’t do anything with the phone. Who has set-top boxes with Android 7 and above, can you write? I have not yet tracked my kickbacks, and I have one Google account.

PS Site support via the link 😉

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