Aptoide TV. Installing the App Store

An article for newcomers who first purchased devices on the Android TV operating system opened the Play Market and did not find the applications they needed there.

Let's figure out how to install an alternative Play Market - the Aptoide TV application store.

Let's go to Google Play and install the application d ownloader - in the search we write "down":

we write in the search engine to install aptoide applications from the play market for android set-top boxes

If you write the whole "downloader" - the application is not displayed in the search results. Install, open, allow what they ask and enter this link apkins.aptoide.com/AptoideTV-5.0.2.apk (do not erase anything):

enter in the line apkins.aptoide.com/AptoideTV-5.0.2.apk without wiping anything after the slash

Click "Go" and the download started. Then click "install":

Installation begins, choose what Aptoide asks for android TV during installation

We open, we allow everything that is asked.

Everything can be enjoyed:

  • first line - popular applications,
  • the second is updated (New Arrivals) applications:

we launch the Aptoide application we use on android box

You can search by category.

It is possible to install previous versions of programs:

Other versions for the Aptoide application stop at updating the android TV set-top box

It happens that the application has been updated and does not work, you can uninstall and install the previous version.

Experiment with installing different programs yourself.
And write down what happened. Check out other articles from the "First Acquaintance" section here .

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