Titan video player. DTS and dolbyatmos

Installation and setup

In this article, we will consider a player with support for DTS and DOLBY ATMOS , which is called TITAN VIDEO PLAYER . This application is capable of playing Full HD and 4K with support for Dolby Vision. It also perfectly supports 5.1 and 7.1 audio tracks. However, it is worth noting that this player is only available in English.

The link to download the APK file is here .

Let's move on to testing the program. Download the required files and open:

opening a video file in TITAN VIDEO PLAYER for android tv and tv boxThere are three control buttons in the upper right corner of the screen:

buttons control update sorting layout smart tvYou can change the display of files - tiles / ingots:

file location setting in TITAN VIDEO PLAYER smart TVThe android prefix sorting button is clicked here:

alphabetical sorting functions by date in titanium player on android prefixFile update button in the upper right corner:

video update button in the player on the TITAN VIDEO PLAYER TV boxUnder each video, its format is displayed, in this case 1920 by 1080 or 16:9:

display 1920x1080 video format under android tv videoLet's take a closer look at the small settings of the application. We return to the main screen and go to “ Settings ”:

go to the settings of the titanium player installed on android Here you can change the color of the subtitles by selecting the desired color from a fairly rich palette:

subtitle color selection yellow pink green white in smart tv player settingsAlso, it is possible to change the size of subtitles (any value from 15 to 44):

item to change the size of subtitles in the player on TV set-top boxes subtitle display sizes from 15 to 44 on smart tv titanium playerIt is worth noting that despite the fact that the interface of the smart TV set-top box application is available only in English, there is an extensive choice of languages ​​in the subtitles, including Russian:

subtitle language selection in titanium player Russian language smart tv


Video playback

Now, directly, consider the free play of video consoles. We start the desired video. There are several buttons in the left corner:

  • Subtitle adjustment;
  • Screen rotation;
  • Enable / disable sound;
  • Change playback speed.

buttons for additional functions of the player when playing a video turn on turn off the sound subtitles speed titanium player on android tv

Also, there is a button “ Select tracks ”, where you can see information about the video:

video information audio surround sound system titanium player smart tv “Select tracks” button in the player when playing video on TV boxIn addition to local files on the device, TITAN VIDEO PLAYER is capable of playing various files from the network. You can enter a link and view any video file:

entering a link to watch the video in the player from the TV set-top box networkmain screen of TITAN VIDEO PLAYER program transition to stream url android tvThis player is easy to use, however, there may be some difficulties when playing heavy files, for example, 4K video set-top boxes andriid TV with Dolby Vision support. In the settings there is an item “ Ask to exit the application ”. By enabling this function, when you try to exit the application, a dialog box will appear asking you to close the program. By clicking “Cancel” you can continue viewing the file:

turn on TITAN VIDEO PLAYER close notification to continue watching smart TV video



Did the installation work? Did you follow us?

A video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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