Media Station X. No Installation

, we'll look at how to install Media Station X if you can't install the apk file.

You can use the application using ForkPlayer , which must be installed on the device. This method is suitable not only for ANDROID TV and TV BOX, but also for a computer.

So, go to ForkPlayer and enter the portal address in the search bar:

ForkPlayer enter smart tv portal address ForkPlayer application transition to the search field android tvGo to this address and scroll to the very bottom. Find Media Station X and click:

opening the Media Station X application through the forkplayer program on android tvClick " Continue "

pressing the continue button in the forkplayer program on the tv boxAfter that, the standard download of the Media Station X :

Media Station X downloading Media Station X app on smart TV without installing apkin the same way . This will require a browser and an additional extension - Arcelik Smart TV Browser Emulator . We install this application, after a red icon appears in the upper right corner:

installation of additional extension Arcelik Smart TV Browser Emulator on PC Click on this icon and switch the platform to “ J5 ” mode:

switching mode to j5 via additional extension on pcNext, go to the and select the first ForkPlayer :

choosing the first ForkPlayer to install on your computer We launch:

downloading the ForkPlayer program to your computerWe register the portal address and find Media Station X :

prescribing the address of the portal in ForkPlayer on the computer opening the media station xThis way you can use Media Station X without installing it on your device.

A video version of this information is available on our partners' YouTube channel here .

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